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Who can apply for a Membership?
  - Any Limousine Service Company, if this business:
  • Comply with all local, state and federal regulations related to livery operators.
  • Has a proper liability (livery) insurance regulated by local, state, federal or country authority.
  • Has a legal address, telephone number and internet presence or email.
  • Is able to operate within a minimum of 50 miles radius from the base.

  • Can other transportation companies apply for a Membership?

      - No, we will not register any other type of transportation company.

    Is Limousine Directory different, than other advertisers?

      - Yes, because all advertisers are different.
      We just one of the the largest and the only FREE advertiser on the market. Please compare:
  • Most companies charging the setup fee from $15.00 to $45.00.
  • Most companies are charging from $5.50 to $14.95 per month for each airport.
  • Some advertisers are charging limousine company for each lead from about 50-75 cents to $1.50 or more,
         ( but company must to receive and pay for 10 - 20 or more leads to generate one real reservation ),
         additionally several limousine companies are paying for the same leads.

  •   - Limousine Directory is offering simple solution:
  • No setup fee
  • No charge for Visitors or Limo Companies
  • No charge per airport or any other place.
  • No charge per leads.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • Unlimited leads.
  • Limousine Directory Members will be listed in the base location plus 2 other places - (if available)
        The base limits for listings are:
        Int'l Airports (10)
        Other Airports (5)
        Large Cities: (20)
        Other Places: (10)
    - It is essential to register your business ASAP, because sooner you will be registered, the better position your company will have.

     Do members has any obligations to Limousine Directory?
      - Yes! (2)
  • If Company website contains link(s) to limousine advertiser(s), then our image / link must be display the same way as others or you may eliminate all advertisers from your website.

  • All companies are responsible for performing limousine service to the best of their ability and honorable fashion.
    - Cancellation Policy
      If for any reason you will be not 100% satisfied you may cancel advertising (listing) at any time (no question ask).

    Membership Application

    Limousine Directory reserves the right to approve or deny membership to any company.

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